Our Story


Whenever someone said that you can’t mix “business with pleasure,” I tend to disagree with them. You can combine work and play. Just need to know when to mix the two or take things seriously during times that require it. Sometimes, work does require some time to take things seriously because you need to pay attention to the scenario. However, when at home, you can add in some bit of fun even if you have children. Children love playing with their parents and that’s what I am. I am a mother of two and am happily married to my husband. We’ve been together for 12 years but married for 16 years. Times just fly on by when you’re having fun with life.

Because I know that people prefer fun over get togethers that are boring, I try to make sure to get other people’s input before assembling the get togethers. We understand that sometimes, people can’t get together on the same day so we make sure to have once or twice a week of it so everyone could attend one or more of it each month when they can. Families and people get busy with their daily lives of kids, husband, work and/or school.

On top of that, we try to implement a contest or two while we’re together. That makes it much more interesting and fun compare to without one. Everyone in the group agree and the prizes range from extra cash, gift cards to merchandise. It varies from week to week but the prizes encourage people to enter in order to get at least one of them. Most people are OK with not winning anything but just have to understand that sometimes, there is no way to win all the time. When other people win things, it makes me feel happy because it’s helping that family out. Donating money is another cause that we’re doing now which goes towards people that needed financial help from us. It makes us feel good when we can help them out financially and some people have trouble with it. That’s why we feel like helping them out from us. Donating money feels good too.

We are very thankful for the group that are together and the Ford Truck Club of San Jose came to exist to fill in the void. Not only that but a way for all of us to interact instead of being cooped up at home even though some of us work for our current employer or our own company. Although, the Ford Truck Club of San Jose is a great place to meet like minded folks that are humble and more than happy to interact with you too. We all love our Ford truck and it shows. My husband was the one that started the pattern and after realizing that sometimes, I needed a big truck, the Ford truck was definitely worth the investment when it comes to being a truck owner.

If you still like what you read about us, don’t hesitate to join us. If you want more information, we’re more than happy to provide that as well. We hope you would join us so we can get started on getting to know one another in the San Jose area. Talk to you soon.