The Top 10 Companies For Remote Jobs

Technology has given us the freedom and the opportunity to work from anywhere. Many people are prizing this ability to do more work at home. Many organizations are responding with flexible work time schedules, and are seemingly acknowledging this new work trend. This video list’s the ten 10 companies who provide you the flexibility to work from home.

The Ford Truck Club of San Jose Has Available Membership Openings

You can become a member of the Ford Truck Club in San Jose and enjoy all the great benefits. Ford trucks are built tough and many American depend on Ford for transportation everyday. The Ford Truck Club invites new members. If you own a Ford truck, then you will make a great member of the club. Ford has a long history and has build many dependable and reliable automobiles. You can find new Ford trucks at a variety of prices. Each Ford vehicle sold comes with an excellent warranty. Ratings and reviews online from loyal customers have rated Ford excellent.

vehiclesThe Ford Motor Company is a multinational maker of autos. The history of Ford dates back to 1903. This company is the second largest automaker in the U.S. The first Ford truck was the Ford Model TT. If you have never learned about Ford trucks or have never owned one, then the Ford Truck Club of San Jose can provide you with a variety of helpful and useful resources. Members of the club are very welcoming to visitors and new member and love to give helpful tips and advice on ownership and restoration. These are people who truly love Ford trucks.

San Jose is a city in the state of California and it is the third largest city. It is a beautiful city that offers breathtaking views. It has so much to offer tourists. You can visit the Ford Truck Club of San Jose on your vacation and explore the many landmarks of the area. The area has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. This truck club is very proud to make its home in this lovely city. You do not have to live in the area to become a member of the club. This club offers information on Ford trucks, restoration, and more. They sponsor many major events that take place in the area all throughout he year. By joining this wonderful club you will experience a lot of fun, excitement and educational opportunities. Continue reading

How to find the best extended warranty plan for used autos

You may be considering buying a used car, but have concerns about the lack of a warranty. reviews used car warranties for consumers. There are a few different ways that you can get a warranty for pre-owned vehicles, but you have to be careful to avoid paying too much or purchasing a warranty that ends up being worthless to you. Here are some tips to help you to know how to go about finding the best deal on an extended used car warranty.

 Call the manufacturer of the carBeautiful car. Great details !

There are a few things to be accomplished by checking with the manufacturer of the car you are considering for purchase. This is particularly important when the vehicle is just a few years old. You can find out if there is any time or mileage left on the original equipment manufacturer agreement for warranty. Although the odds are against it, there are times when the original owner has kept detailed records of all of the servicing and repairs done, or they may be stored electronically with the dealer who performed them. The one constraint of enforcing transferred warranties from original owners is that the manufacturer may insist on verifiable evidence of the agreement fulfillment before approving any claims made on the warranty for repairs. This aspect of warranty is certainly worth your investigation.

While you’re at it you can also ask about what they have to offer in the form of extended warranties on the vehicle. Even if there is a little time left on the original warranty, this is a good time to see what kind of deal that they may be able to offer you when the original deal expires.

Aftermarket extended warranties

There are quite a few companies that offer aftermarket warranties on used vehicles. You can find a high volume of information by doing an online search. This is one way of selecting different companies to make comparisons of the reputations of the companies, contents of the agreements and the costs involved.

Benefits of certified pre-owned extended warranties for used cars

Before you purchase a car from the dealership, you can ask if they have any certified pre owned vehicles for sale. These automobiles have been inspected for damage and wear, and in order to qualify for this status, they must be in excellent condition. While the odds or failure are less for those with the certification, they are also easier to insure with an extended warranty program. This option is available, in most cases, through the dealership where you make your auto purchase. One thing to be mindful of is that dealerships serve as a broker in this situation and they do have the rate to charge customers more than the original company issuing the warranty does. So if you go with this option, yes, it may save you time, but in the long run it can also end up costing you more.

Pitfalls to avoid in purchasing extended warranties

Not all extended warranties cost the same amount, nor do they offer the same level of protection for consumers. Some offer warranties with certain limits or exclusions on the degree of coverage they provide. For example, there may be a percentage of the charges that are covered or limits on parts or labor involved in the repairs. Some also provide a longer duration of time, such as a 3 year warranty, but the coverage expires when your car reaches a specific number of miles on the odometer. These types of exclusions and limitations can render an extended warranty agreement worthless to the consumer.

Also find out what the agreement demands of you in return. For example, are the requirements for specific types of servicing at regular intervals? Are there requirements for using specific fluids, filters and replacement parts for repairs? These are all items to consider prior to purchasing your extended warranty for a used car. One of the most important things that you can do is to read all of the fine print contained in the warranty agreement.

Compare extended warranty programs

There are a few useful extended warranty reviews available online take the information offered by several different companies that offer extended warranty programs for used vehicles. This is a good way of saving time and obtaining useful information about which may offer the best deals. Some of them also provide consumer ratings so you will know what other people have to say about particular companies. Some are more detailed than others and it’s recommended that you browse a few of these different review sites for the purposes of comparing programs. One of the most common complaints among consumers who purchase extended auto warranties is that they discover later that they have been overcharged for their warranty plans. Comparing the available programs is the best way to avoid paying too much for what you get in return.

If unsure don’t be afraid to ask

Some of the language contained in extended warranty contracts for used cars can be difficult to understand. In some cases, this is intentional and is used as a legal method of misleading the consumer into thinking that they are getting something that they are in fact, not. If there is any aspect of the agreement that you have questions about, get clarification. If you are not satisfied with the answer that you are given, it is probably best to find another company to deal with.


Buying an extended warranty from a company like CARCHEX for a used car could end up being a wise investment under the right circumstances. Continue reading